How do I show Magento products on a non-Magento page?

This is an often requested feature. There are a number of ways to do it too. You could create a listener to publish a category of products to static HTML whenever a category changes.You could run a cron script or other scheduled task to run some Magento code to export a category of products to […]

How do I find out the proper table name in Magento?

The core resource model has a method to get you any table name for any model in the system.Tabl e names do not have to follow the name of the model, an end-user can change the table names by changing an XML setting. Also, any installation can have an arbitrary prefix for any table. Therefore, […]

How do I hide the price of products before they go into the cart or if a person is not logged in Magento?

There are two places where the prices are formatted for display to the end user. The catalog (category view, and product view) and the cart. On the cart, one method is used for showing all the prices, including sub-total, tax totals, and the grand total, so it can be handled separately from the catalog’s price […]

How do I show the root catalog category on the home page of Magento?

Currently, there is no way to signal which category that the catalog/category_view block acts on. The only way is by setting a category object in the Mage::registry(), and since the layout XML only works on Block objects, there is no way to affect the registry. You must alter (by re-writing or by overriding) the getCurrentCategory() […]

How do I run Magento code without building a module?

Sometimes, running update scripts to quickly update the database or to export some data does not require a complete module to hold the code. For these types of operations you can build a shell script to get into Magento’s environment without executing a traditional browser based request. The file is basically the Magento index.php file […]